Another Code Project is a studio for functional and creative concepts, design and code of anything viewable inside a browser.
We develop all kinds of sites, shops, stand alone applications and 1+2+3d (animated / interactive)-assets.


Design and full stack development.

»Johanna Gauder aims to find a balance between handcrafted genuine jewellery and a contemporary design language. 
The jewellery is characterised by clear and unique forms in combination with a high demand on quality and technical precision.«

Set in Brandon and running on a hybrid of ProcessWire and Tictail.


Concept, design and full stack development.

»In summary, SAVVY Contemporary gives space to reflect on colonialities of power (Anibal Quijano) and how these affect histories, geographies, gender and race. It is a space wherein epistemological disobedience and delinking (Walter Mignolo) are practiced, and it is a space for decolonial practices and aesthetics. We propose to move with Sylvia Wynter “owards the Human, after Man.«

Set in Neutral Regular and running on ProcessWire

Synthesis Gallery

Concept, design and full stack development.

»Synthesis is an immersive blend of technology and art displayed under one roof, showcasing cutting-edge experiences by new wave artists and visionaries through virtual reality. We are a space to experience and experiment with the state between dream and reality. Pieces are displayed through different media. Tangible and traditional artforms intermingle with Oculus and Hive headsets. Submerge into the unchartered. Focus on the abstract. Reevaluate reality.«

Set in Alcubierre and running on a custom Three.JS build


Full stack development.

»The mission from the outset has been to build a U.S. soccer lifestyle brand that creates tasteful, technical products which establish a unique identity both on and off the pitch; and to create a community of fearless devotees.«

Design by FEEL.Company, set in Nimbus Pro and Studio Pro and running on Shopify


  1. Finalizing website.
  2. Migrating different custom services, e-mails, files and databases to a new host.
  3. Tweaking ui, ux and codebase issues.
  4. Designing and developmenting new features in front- and backend. 

»Milieu Grotesque is an independent publisher and distributor of typefaces and related products.«

Set in Sans-serif and running on a custom shop system initially made by Systemantics.


Full stack development.

»Orfeo & Majnun (O&M) is an inclusive, intercultural and multilingual music theatre project developed with a participatory community-driven approach.«

Design by OKB Graphic Design and Matthias Görlich, set in Sans-serif and Serif and running on ProcessWire.


Web-asset development.
Refining 3d WebGL pool for hüperfocus landing page.

»Hüperfocus ist ein unabhängiges Studio für Kommunikation aus Düsseldorf.«


Design Consultancy and full stack development.

»Nellie partow’s effortless and modernist approach to dressing women garners devotees of eminent women worldwide. Partow established an aesthetic rooted in minimalism, unstudied luxury, and a tension between modern femininity and masculinity.«

Designs by FEEL.Company, set in Helvetica and running on a hybrid of Shopify and Wordpress.

We are always eager to help all kinds of freelancers – like artists, designers, photographers and musicians – to smash the tyranny of premade themes – like in wordpress and cargo-collective – and develop an unique and indiviual representation of their doings.


Full stack development.

Designs by Marcus Zoller, set in a custom-made font and running on ProcessWire.


Full stack development.

»ACN is representing female artists.«

Design by FEEL.Company

Set in GT America and running on ProcesWire.


Assisting Kiron in switching their website system from October CMS to Wordpress.
Cleaning the visual-composer based backend.
Adjusting the frontend to fit their corporate identity.

»Kiron enables access to higher education and successful learning for refugees through digital solutions.«

Set in Fayon and Roboto and running on Wordpress.


Design and full stack development.

»descom - Designforum Rheinland-Pfalz is the forum for design and communication in rhineland-palatinate. With a variety of activities and offers they strengthen the design competence regionally and nation(german)wide.«

Set in Flama and runnning on ProcessWire.


Redesign and full stack development.

»We help you understand your business’s possibilities in China and will research relevant facts for you.«

Set in Optima LT Pro and running on Wordpress


Frontend Development.

»Weingut Leiner is a family business based in the South Palatinate. For 42 years they been active with passion and dedication in the vineyard and cellar. Since 2005, they have been ecologically driven by conviction.«

Design by Magma, set in FF Trixie and running on Wordpress.


Full stack development.

»Piaule makes homewares. It's their intention to create objects that you appreciate on a daily basis because they are both useful and beautiful. They will release products one-by-one to give every object the consideration it deserves.«

Design by FEEL.Company
Set in Times and Futura and running on Shopify.


Design and full development.

»ANAH is a practice with a transdisciplinary approach to the fields of architecture, urbanism and art. ANAH strives for social, environmental and economical improvements on collective and individual level in creating concepts and places which encourage human interaction in space.«
Set in Agipo and running on ProcessWire.


Design (w/ Jan Motyka) and full stack development.

»The Maaretta Jaukkuri Foundation – MJF – will invite 4-5 visitors every year from various fields in the arts, sciences or philosophy, or any field that encourages new paths of thinking.«

Set in Versura and FF Super Grotesk and running on ProcessWire.


Design consultancy and full stack development.

»A set of nine lectures to talk about the powerful potentials of architecture.
A set of nine positions towards the current production of architecture.«

Design by Studio Tobias Becker, set in Atlas and running on ProcessWire.


Design consultancy and full stack development.

»The Studio creates visual identities, books and publications, exhibition design, signage, art direction, editorial design and websites for national and international clients.«

Design by Michael Satter, set in Universe and running on ProcessWire.


Design (w/ Jan Aulbach) and full stack development.
(temporarily unavailable)

» wurde 2009 von den DesignerInnen Birgit Bauer, Nicole Birlenbach und Michael Okraj ins Leben gerufen. 
Ziel ist es, eine kritische Debatte im Design vor allem für junge Menschen zu öffnen, Literatur zugänglich und Designtheorie transparent zu machen.«

Set in Frutiger and runnning on Wordpress.


Design and full stack development.

»Das Kunstantiquariat Friedrich Piesk in Wiesbaden besteht seit 1991 und ist auf Gemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen und Druckgraphiken der hessischen Landschafts- und Genremalerei zwischen 1870 und 1930 sowie auf Künstler der Malerkolonie Willingshausen spezialisiert.«

Set in Neuzeit and running on ProcessWire.


Full stack development.

»Linde Material Handling is continually sharpening its profile as a leading provider of material handling solutions. Our visual identity reflects this strategic position and increases our relevance to our customers. The new corporate design facelift delivers a personable refresh and covers a wide range of applications.«

Design from Whybrand and set in FF Dax Pro.

Design (w/ Lisa Baumgarten) and full stack development.

»In recent years, Galerie Bachmann has specialized on design interiors from the 1950s to the 1980s. We are committed to thoroughly selecting our interiors, restoring them with care and high quality or selling them in in good or very good original condition.«

Set in Value Sans and running on ProcessWire.

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